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Welcome to the Aquahaulics online store, where you can access refreshing and premium naturally alkaline canned spring water. Committed to excellence, every sip of our water is a testament to purity and taste. Benefit from our convenient delivery service and enjoy the crispness of our water delivered right to your doorstep.

Why Choose Aquahaulics?

Source of Purity:

Indulge in the purity of nature with our spring water, meticulously sourced from the Canadian Shield. Carved by ancient glaciers, our water emerges naturally from a gravel esker, enriched with essential minerals and boasting an optimal pH of 7.7. With a balanced hardness of 121.4 mg/L and low sodium content, our water is pristine—free from nitrites, chloride, and metal contaminants.

Water Analysis:

Our water undergoes rigorous analysis to ensure it meets the highest standards. Free from unwanted substances like iron, sulfate, and organics, our water retains its natural taste, color, and odor, making every sip a testament to nature’s perfection.

Environmental Commitment

Sustainability at Heart:

At Aquahaulics, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility. Our water is packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans, reflecting our commitment to reduce plastic use and microplastic contamination. By choosing our aluminum cans, you contribute to minimizing the environmental footprint.

Benefits of Aluminum Cans:

Aluminum cans offer several advantages including higher recycling rates, and being lightweight, stackable, and strong. This not only maximizes resource efficiency but also reduces the overall environmental impact throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Shelf Stability:

Our premium naturally alkaline spring water’s shelf-stable properties ensure it remains fresh and potable for up to 5 years. Ideal for daily hydration and essential during emergency situations, our water is a dependable choice for sustainable and long-lasting hydration.

Join Our Mission

Join us in our mission to embrace sustainability without compromise, one refreshing sip at a time. Experience the purity and excellence of Aquahaulics premium naturally alkaline spring water today.

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