Touchless Water Stations for Cities

Include AQUAPOD® Touchless Water Kiosk in
Your Sustainable Future

Include AQUAPOD® Touchless Water Kiosk in Your Sustainable Future

AQUAPOD® Original Four Outlet Filtered Water Station

The full-size AQUAPOD® has three regular height water ports in the front and one handicap or child height port on the side. It is designed to be connected to potable city water as it requires that water pressure to operate the AQUAPOD®. It also requires a low voltage standard electrical extension cord to operate the auto-ports, the ultraviolet, and the chiller. AQUAPOD® have very few moving parts. Both AQUAPOD® Water Refill Stations have a premium white powder coated finish over a galvanized steel body. Graphics options are available from basic logo addition to a complete custom wrap of your own design or via our design team.

Touchless Water Kiosk for Cities
Touchless Water Stations for Cities

AQUAPOD® Mini Single Outlet Water Station

The AQUAPOD® Mini has a single automatic port and has the same on-board equipment the larger AQUAPOD® Original is equipped with. It is identical to the AQUAPOD® Original as above but has a much smaller footprint. It can be moved around on its own swivel wheels just like the larger AQUAPOD® but it is far lighter and easier to move. The AQUAPOD® Mini can also be fixed in place if a more permanent installation is desired. Either AQUAPOD® can be easily moved indoors in cold weather and docked to provide great-tasting water year-round!

Our customers include Schools, Universities, Cities, and Private Corporations.
In 2021 we shipped multiple AQUAPODS® to The United States Air Force.

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