Event Water Refill Station

If you're worried about providing water for people to drink for your next big event, let Aquahaulics Inc. handle it. We provide innovative portable water refill station solutions ideal for these situations. When you purchase an Aquapod water refill station, your event guests will have cool, filtered water no matter where the Aquapod is located.

Portable Event Water Stations

Anytime you host an event, it's imperative to take into consideration your guests' safety. This can include a host of safety considerations, but one important one is access to fresh, cool water. Without water, your guests can succumb to dehydration and, depending on the temperature, heatstroke.

Aquahaulics Inc. takes away some of the burdens of planning for these types of events by offering our customers a way to host large events and accommodate any water needs. Our portable water refill stations can be ideal for several events such as:

  • Concerts

  • Graduations

  • Parties

  • Weddings

These event water stations are also convenient and easy to use. They are kiosks that make moving them around your event easier and they have filling stations at regular heights as well as child or handicap height options. Refilling your water bottle is also sanitary and safe as our water stations are motion sensor activated so you don't have to touch any component.

Besides access to water and easy mobility, our portable water refill stations offer additional benefits such as:

  • Sustainability and reduced one-time-use water bottles

  • Quick access to water —500ml water bottles can fill in under 10 seconds

  • Negative carbon footprint, which encourages a more sustainable environment

  • Municipal tap water promotion

  • Increased hydration which results in higher energy, concentration, and well-being

Contact Us for Event Water Stations

If you’re planning a big event, be sure to reach out to Aquahaulics Inc. to purchase your event water station. Call us at (877) 291-7020 to learn more.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Our Convenient Water Station