AquaPod Water Refill Stations to Keep Your Guests Hydrated

Clean, refreshing water makes everything better for your guests. No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, keeping attendees hydrated is essential. Make every event easy on your guests with Aquahaulics AquaPod event water refill stations. Our event water stations provide clean drinking water that is easy to access for your guests, so they can keep their water bottles full.

Whether you need to rent one of our stations for a one-time event or hold enough events that you consider investing in one of our water refill stations, Aquahaulics can help you get what you need to make sure every event makes it easy for guests to keep hydrated.

Our AquaPods

Not every event is in a facility with drinking fountains that make it easy for guests to fill and refill their water cups or bottles. Not every event is in a facility at all.

Our AquaPod water refill stations turn municipal tap water into a smooth delicious stream of water for your guests to easily refill their water bottles or cups throughout the event.

Once tap water enters our AquaPod, it passes through a carbon filter and an ultraviolet light disinfection system. It then passes through a highly efficient water chiller, thereby making the water cold and refreshing as it enters the water bottle!

Our AquaPods come in two varieties: Our AquaPod Mini single outlet, and the original 4-outlet AquaPod model. The AquaPod Mini has a single filling station and is ideal for smaller events. It can be moved around on its wheels and is light and easy to move. Our original AquaPod comes with 3 filling stations on the front, plus one on the side at a lower height, thus making it ideal for a child, or those in a wheelchair, to easily fill their bottles.

We can also easily wrap purchased AquaPods with your logo or design.

To talk about renting or purchasing AquaPods for your events, reach out to our team online or call (877) 291-7020.

Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Our Convenient Water Station