How It Works

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How It Works

The Path the Water Follows:

  • 1 Municipal tap water enters the AQUAPOD® via the hose bib.
  • 2 The water passes through a pressure-reducing valve and then a backflow preventive device.
  • 3 Next the water enters the carbon water filter and then on to the ultraviolet disinfection system.
  • 4 The super efficient water chiller is the next in the path of the water prior to it being directed to the individual motion-activated water ports. The cool water then exits into the water bottles of the thirsty AQUAPOD® users.

Extra Purification and Disinfection

  • Built-in 10-micron carbon block filtration removes the microscopic sediment that is common in tap water. The carbon block filter also removes the chlorine that was added to the water for protection during distribution. It is removed by the AQUAPOD® to improve taste and odor as chlorine is no longer needed at the point of use.

  • Built-in ultraviolet disinfection is also a key benefit to the overall quality of the water being dispensed by the AQUAPOD®. Ultraviolet is considered this century’s largest breakthrough in water disinfection and purification, as UV neutralizes microscopic viruses and bacteria with light only. Nothing is added to the water but the light!

  • Water treated with the combination of carbon block filtration plus ultra-violet light is considered the safest water in the world. Water treated in this way still maintains the natural salts and minerals found in tap water that your body needs, but also offers great tasting, odor-free water that incorporates state-of-the-art protection.

The Ultimate Water Chiller Is On-Board

Even on extremely hot days, our water chiller will maintain 10℃ or 50℉ of outbound water. It’s truly a “Cold Water On Demand” type chilling system! This system, as well as our other electronic systems on-board, are available in various international configurations and voltages to suit your local market.

Water Refilling Station Chiller
Water Refilling Station Wraps Chiller

Customized Design Options

We can custom wrap your AQUAPOD® to relay your message.

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