Provide cool, filtered water anywhere with AQUAPOD® Water Refill Stations

AQUAPOD® Water Refill Stations are sustainable and
are manufactured to high-quality standards

Aquahaulics® AQUAPOD® Mobile Water Stations

We manufacture self-serve water refill stations that are patented, state-of-the-art, top-quality water machines that are constructed with the best materials available. The end results are highly mobile drinking water dispensers that will last many decades with very little maintenance.

  • Beauty and Functionality

  • Two Available Sizes

  • Portable and Quick Setup

Water Station Ottawa

Touchless Means Clean and Safe

  • Refill your water bottle without touching anything!

  • Motion sensor-activated technology is built into each water outlet port.

  • When you place the water bottle in the outlet port, the water begins to flow.

  • Once full, and you remove the water bottle from the outlet, the water stops.

  • The water dispenses in a smooth round stream with no splashing.

  • A typical 500ml or 16oz water bottle will fill in less than 10 seconds.

Health Benefits of Water Filling Stations

  • Water is life!

  • AQUAPOD® water refill stations maintain all essential nutrients in municipal tap water, thus promoting proper hydration.

  • Proper hydration drives higher energy levels, offers improved concentration and focus, and an overall sense of well-being.

  • AQUAPOD® water is great tasting, pure and safe, good for you, and best of all, “free to the user”!


  • The prime purpose of the AQUAPOD® is to eliminate the need for bottled water!

  • AQUAPOD® mobile water stations support not only hydration but a green and sustainable environment at large facilities and events, minus the negative carbon footprint of bottled water

  • AQUAPOD® promotes the use of municipal tap water. AQUAPOD® connects directly to city water and uses that water pressure to dispense the water—no holding tanks are required!

Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Our Convenient Water Station